January 2013, Ashley Dean moved to New York City to pursue a career in the music business.

She quickly realized her obesity was no match for the commuter lifestyle. A month after becoming a Queens resident, Ashley started developing fitness routines through the help of new friends at the gym and online research. In addition to working out, she also started to document her eating and make healthier, long term nutritional choices.

Seven years later, Ashley has transformed her body through nutrition and exercise. Realizing how her success inspired others, she received her Personal Training Certification from the National Sports Academy of Medicine (NASM) in 2020. Currently, she is studying to receive her Precision Nutrition Certification.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Kettlebell Kings / Living.Fit Kettlebell Expert

Active Life Professional

Group Classes:

Runners Strength Training – One-hour class focused on improving mobility, strength, and tendon health for runners.

Classes are held Monday at 7pm.

Group Class – One-hour class focused on mobility, strength, and endurance. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Classes are held Monday at 8pm.