My passion for fitness started in my teenage years. I come from a family where the priority wasn’t nutrition or physical activity. When I started growing up, I realized that some members of my family had health issues related to a sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits. I started doing exercise at the age of 16, and over time I saw the importance of doing physical activity and having a healthy and balanced diet. My passion became my job 4 years ago. I love helping people and spreading my knowledge of how important is to stay active, eat healthy and overall have a better lifestyle. By implementing exercise and good eating habits to our lives we can prevent many chronic diseases, stay away from stress and feel happy with our body. 


Injury prevention and recovery 

Functional training 

Strength training


Circuit training 

Group training

Weight loss

Muscle gain


    • National Academy of Sports Medicine  (NASM) Personal Trainer

    • Current nutrition student